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Common Reasons for Needing Roof Repairs in Godalming

If you have a leaking roof at your Godalming property, we are adept at identifying the source and carrying out roof repairs. Home and business owners can rely on our roofing contractors and guttering specialists to fix leaks as part of our emergency callout services. We respond with a fast response time for clients based in the local Surrey area.


There are many reasons why flat and pitched roofs suffer from moisture damage. This varies from punctured membranes, missing slates, overflowing gutters or broken fascias and soffits. In addition to undertaking roof and chimney repairs, we offer clients valuable advice on how to regularly inspect roofs to prevent long-term damage.


Main Causes of Leaks


1. Age and Wear


Roof materials, like flat roof membranes or natural stone tiles, and roofline components, such as fascias and soffits, experience wear from extreme weather and the local wildlife. Our roofing contractors use elastomeric high-tensile felt or leadwork to carry out roof repairs and chimney repairs, which prolong the lifespan of dilapidated roofs. The guttering specialists at C A Phillips Ltd also recommend uPVC gutters, fascias and soffits to Godalming clients, which is an extremely durable material to replace damaged components.


2. Standing or Pooling Water


We undertake flat roof repairs to alleviate standing or pooling water. If excess rainwater cannot drain after 72 hours, the stagnant water causes leaks. Uneven surfaces retain the water which permeates through holes, tears or exposed areas of the roof. Improperly pitched downpipes and clogged gutters also cause standing or pooling water issues. Our roofing contractors and guttering specialists realign the angles of guttering systems and clear blockages for Godalming clients.


3. Extreme Weather Damage


Gale-force winds damage slates, gutters, fascias and soffits, which leads to water ingress if left unattended. Roof tiles interlock to prevent leaks; however, cracked, dislodged or missing tiles from stormy weather exposes the surface underneath. Old rubber membranes can puncture, blister and tear due to damp and fluctuating temperatures. Extreme weather also erodes chimney stacks, which require chimney repairs and restorations.


4. Blocked Gutters and Downpipes


Debris, including soil, leaves or twigs, build up and block top gutters from successfully draining run-off water. Guttering specialists advise Godalming clients to safely check their gutters for obstructions, which is likely to happen during seasonal transitions. This reduces the likelihood of roof repairs which result from overflows.


Our roofing contractors fix the following issues at Godalming properties to resolve leaks:


  • agging Top Gutters, Fascias and Soffits
  • Waterlogged Flat Roof Membranes
  • Overflowing Guttering Systems
  • Loose or Fallen Slates and Tiles


Inspecting Your Roof


We recommend carrying out periodic inspections during seasonal changes and after extreme weather patterns. This is when we complete many roof repairs and chimney repairs, especially following heavy rainfall. Godalming clients can perform superficial checks by assessing the condition of pitched roofs, gutters, fascias and soffits from ground level; however, flat roofs require a ladder.


Here is a quick checklist for periodic roof inspections:


  • Check surfaces and membranes for holes, tears, punctures and blisters
  • Search for signs of standing water, such as puddles or damp stains
  • Inspect pitched roofs for cracked, broken, dislodged or missing slates and tiles
  • Check wooden fascias and soffits for warped, rotten or loose boards
  • Keep gutters clear from vegetation or debris


Godalming clients should only carry out inspections if they can safely access their roof. If not, our roofing contractors are fully insured and experienced at assessing roofs at great heights.

For professional advice from roofing contractors and guttering specialists covering Godalming and the surrounding areas, call 01483 576 343 or 07587 638 507.

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