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Benefits of Lead and Roof Repairs in Guildford

Home and business owners in Guildford rely on our roofing contractors to carry out high-quality roof repairs for old, dilapidated surfaces, as well as installations for flat roofs at brand-new builds. The qualified team at C A Phillips Ltd fit elastomeric high-tensile felt systems and leadwork sheeting to reinforce the structural integrity of any size property.


We discuss the benefits of elastomeric high-tensile felt roofs, which integrate with roofline components, like gutters, fascias and soffits, and leadwork sheeting, which we use for chimney repairs too! Our roof and guttering specialists recommend which flat roof membrane is better suited to your property during a one-to-one consultation.


Leadwork Sheeting


We use leadworks to complete small to large-scale roof and chimney repairs, which is an ideal material to fix Guildford properties with faulty flat or pitched roofs. This is because our roofing contractors and guttering specialists can mould lead sheets to fit any type of roof. Leadworks is commonly associated with traditional properties, like churches or listed buildings; however, it is beneficial to new, contemporary builds too. Like replacing timber fascias and soffits with modern uPVC models, we suggest the best solution for you.


The advantages of lead sheeting for flat roofs include the following:


  • Roof repairs and installations which use lead sheeting is a fast and flexible application process. The material stretches around Guildford roofs with odd shapes and covers joints for chimney repairs, such as flashing
  • Lead is resilient to fluctuating temperatures, which prevents shrinking membranes that expose the underlying roof surface to moisture and damp
  • Leadworks are 100% waterproof and UV-resistant
  • Lead sheets adhere to flat roofs with a firm, protective seal
  • Roof and chimney repairs that use lead remain durable for an average of 100 years
  • Lead is eco-friendly and highly sustainable. Roofing contractors can recycle worn or leftover sheeting to benefit future projects


Elastomeric High-Tensile Felt Systems


Our roofing contractors and guttering specialists highly recommend elastomeric high-tensile felt systems for flat roof repairs, which we commonly install at modern properties in Guildford. Like the uPVC gutters, fascias and soffits we replace, elastomeric high-tensile felt is affordable, lightweight and durable. Because of its long lifespan, this type of system is an environmentally-friendly option too.


The benefits of elastomeric high-tensile felt are as follows:


  • Easily bond to most roof surfaces with a strong rubber adhesive
  • Prevent water damage, such as damp and leaks, as soon as roofing contractors have installed them
  • Maintain heat insulation and waterproof capabilities for 20 to 50 years at homes and commercial buildings in Guildford
  • Expands and contracts under extreme temperatures without cracking or tearing
  • Further roof repairs are less likely during the membrane‚Äôs lifespan, which makes it a cost-effective solution
  • Guttering specialists ensure run-off water drains successfully from elastomeric high-tensile felt systems by securing gutters to fascias and soffits

To find out more about leadwork roof repairs and elastomeric high-tensile felt installations from our roofing contractors in Guildford, call 01483 576 343 or 07587 638 507.

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To find out more about leadwork roof repairs and elastomeric high-tensile felt installations from our roofing contractors in Guildford, call

01483 576 343 or

07587 638 507.